Andreea Dumitrescu
Andreea Dumitrescu
Student at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, the Faculty of International Business and Economics
Euro-Phobia, Justified or Not?

Euro-Phobia, Justified or Not?

What comes first to mind when you say “European Union”? From the definition of the economic concept to the perception of a zero-average Gaussian variable system, we could introduce the notion of “Brexit”, a probability given by a system that does not understand its implications. “To be or not to be Brexit”, this is the question that is taking over the commons; but this is not a local phenomenon, for all its specificities, because its implications have their subtle roots hidden in the subconscious of the whole world. It is a bit like the apple that fell from Newton’s hand, and the “law” was his, when humanity had always been anchored to the face of the world. More



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OEconomica No. 1, 2016