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The Course of Empire

The Course of Empire

We no longer cultivate an understanding of history and art. Western democracies are increasingly relentless in denying their ancestors. The present sneers at the past with a sense of superiority that comes from simply being the present, with the ancient dead having no recourse or appeal against judgment rooted in contemporary bias. No other kind of ignorance indulges in current Western levels of self-flattery. More

No. 3, Jan.-Feb. 2017 2017

Humours of an Election

Humours of an Election

One would think that, like Nostradamus, William Hogarth was given visions of the future which he could only portray through the filter of his culture and surroundings, in Oxfordshire, England, in the middle of the 18th century. His four paintings, collectively entitled “Humours of an Election”, read like an allegory of present day elections, whose wholesome exteriors are at odds with the vice often coursing underneath, erupting into sight either accidentally or at the instigation of rivals. The first three paintings (“An Election Entertainment”, “Canvassing for Votes” and “The Polling”) illustrate the endemic corruption during the election of a new Member of Parliament, supposedly from the 1754 elections. The last one, “Chairing the Candidate”, shows the Tory candidate victorious and celebrated by his supporters. The paintings are stunning for their detail and their intentional aesthetics of ugliness. Many threads are weaved simultaneously in the same painting. More

No. 2, Nov.-Dec. 2016 2016

The European art market, between London and New York

The European art market, between London and New York

When it arrives on the art market, our favourite painting, the sculpture that fascinates us or any object that may be the subject of a collection becomes merchandise. The topic of the day, Brexit, seen as a clash of markets, will have minor consequences for the International art market. The main competitors on this market – the US, China and the UK – are outside the community subject and London, the largest provider of art auctions in the world, operates more in America and Asia. More

No. 1, Sep.-Oct. 2016 2016



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