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Iran, the Latest Outstanding Emerging Market

Iran, the Latest Outstanding Emerging Market

Iran advertises a vast array of opportunities and advantages for investment, starting with the highest level of security in the region, human capital (having a population of approximately 80 million people), a young, well-educated and skilled labor force as well as rich energy reserves. Its location on the Persian Gulf eases its integration into global markets, as well as offering a strategic position in proximity to the growing Gulf region’s financial and trading hubs. More

Space Inspires Us to Protect Earth

Space Inspires Us to Protect Earth

On May 14th 1981, two astronauts were rapidly ascending from platform 17 on Baikonur Cosmodrome: Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu, a young lieutenant-major of the Romanian Air Force and an engineer specialized in aeronautics, who had scored the highest results among all the non-Soviet astronauts during his training in Star City, and Leonid Popov, a Soviet cosmonaut, the only one who had matched the record of 185 days spent in space at that time. More



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