Florin Luca
Florin Luca
Graduate of Saint-Cyr Military Academy, Public Finance Sector (France), Paris Sorbonne University (Bachelor in History and Master in Business Law), London Business School (Leadership and Performance Program) and has over 20 years of international executive management experience in financial services, large corporations and organizations
A New Way of Solidarity within NATO

A New Way of Solidarity within NATO

The NATO Summit that took place in Brussels on the 11th and 12th of July 2018 – almost one year before its recently celebrated 70th anniversary – was the Euro-Atlantic event that fueled great passion from the mass-media and the general public. I was invited back then to take part to a series of important debates at the Summit, where I had the opportunity to interact with NATO high officials, heads of states or governments, ministers / parliament members. At the same time, I had a few private meetings with NATO dignitaries / statesmen (including Paolo Alli, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO, and Joseph Day, Senate Liberal Leader, from Canada), leaders of big international organizations specialized on security issues. I was also given the opportunity to publicly express my opinion on the future of the North Atlantic Alliance. More

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