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Has Facebook Really Incorporated Us?

Has Facebook Really Incorporated Us? Globalization: Like, Follow, Share

Being a social network, Facebook is about protecting privacy with one hand and pledging for publicity with the other. With over two billion users, Facebook scales up (or down) the challenges of every human community (or those of the human species as a whole).

While controversies continue to surround its “automatized algorithms” that are “manually… manipulated”, Facebook magnetizes more and more users to its socializing service.

We Share the Following 10 essays written by students who Like to scout and scour. 

You can read online this printed edition dossier here.


Table of contents 

- A Social Space in Facebook Times

The biased management of issues (by Marian-Andrei Done, Ștefania-Mirela Podocea) 

- Facebook and Personhood

Publicity and privacy (by Ionela Andrei, Ruxandra Ichim) 

- Political Tools Disguised as Facebook Buttons

“Blogging is a war for attention, not a creative writing contest” (by Bianca Andreea Călin) 

- Facebook and the Civil Society

The “street” and the “square” (by Valentin-Ionuț Costea) 

- The Power of the Press, Multiplied by Facebook

Old and new media (by Bianca Zaporojanu, Valentina Niță) 

- Facebook: Between News and Knowledge

From tonner and paper to digits and wire(less) networks (by Alexandra-Laura Oprica, Ioana-Andreea Nicolae) 

- The World Economy and Facebook (De)Monetization

Accounts, accounting and accountability (by Adrian Bencze, Iulia Maria Ion) 

- Facebook and the Politics in and among Nations

Information and influence (by Eliza Mihaela Cristea) 

- Civilization and Its Facebook Vanguard

Technology is not above morality (by Maria Bucur, Ana Maria Bunea, Nicoleta Adelina Mareș) 

- Facebook and Cultures’ Sense of Belonging

Identities and communities (by Paula Dicu, Iulia Ciolte)




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OEconomica No. 1, 2016