Iulian Popescu
Iulian Popescu
Theologian, with studies at the Pontificia Universita Antonianum, l’Istituto di Studi Ecumenici “San Bernardino”, Venezia, member of the Romanian Military Club for Euroatlantic Reflection
From Urbi to Orbi and Back Again

From Urbi to Orbi and Back Again

The presidential elections in the US have become a global political spectacle, watched with bated breath by German executives, Chinese billionaires, the Pope in Rome, Wall Street traders, NATO allies and Russian journalists. The stakes are high for everybody. Donald Trump’s victory and uneventful transition into the White House may give people a chance to resettle their nerves and take stock of where they are politically in this “brave new world”. More

No. 2, Nov.-Dec. 2016 2016



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OEconomica No. 1, 2016