Jędrzej Czerep
Jędrzej Czerep
Political Scientist, Ph.D. candidate, Cardinal Wyszyński University in Warsaw; Coordinator of the Peace and Stabilisation Strategies Programme, Casimir Pulaski Foundation; worked with Al Jazeera English, The Guardian, Council of Europe; specialising in new political phenomena in Sub-Saharan Africa
Understanding Sudanese and South Sudanese “National Dialogues”

Understanding Sudanese and South Sudanese “National Dialogues”

Assessing the conduct and results of the recent National Dialogue in Sudan, and its current variation in South Sudan, reveals a lot about the countries’ political culture(s). The division of the biggest African state into an Arab-dominated, Muslim-majority North and the African, Animist-and-Christian South, completed in 2011, did not stop the flow of models of political “ways of doing things”. In many aspects, borrowing the neighbour’s ideas remains a natural choice.  More



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OEconomica No. 1, 2016