Mihnea Alexandru Ciocan
Mihnea Alexandru Ciocan
Economist, Masters Student, the Faculty of International Business and Economics, the Bucharest University of Economic Studies
Future Tense in the Job Market

Future Tense in the Job Market

Lately, in the community of futurists and the subgroup of Economics scholars / freaks, a theory or, better yet, a slogan has emerged, in support of the idea of the acceleration of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0), based on automation, interconnections between machines and Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Internet of Things (IoT). According to this saying, expressed in a similar form by Martin Boehm in 2017, “4 of 5 jobs of the year 2025 have not yet been created”, which can be translated as 80% of the future (types of) jobs in the next 6 years do not exist today. Therefore, the statement is qualitative before being quantitative. This brief essay breaks this idea down to see if it holds water. We do contest neither the transformation of economy towards automated production, nor the growing impact of AI in present and future jobs. What is indeed put under scrutiny is the pace of adoption, on a large scale, of these technologies.  More

No. 7-8, Sep.-Dec. 2017 2017



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OEconomica No. 1, 2016