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MIND(s that filled) THE GAP(s)

MIND(s that filled) THE GAP(s) A media campaign of junior reporting on INNOVATIVE / INDUSTRIOUS / INSPIRING, free-market, barrier-breaking, world-spreading, LIBERATING ENTREPRENEURSHIP

The project:

students become (co)producers of quality information 

The concept aims for a quadruple gap-filler, with students, from all over the world, story-telling, in a non-“homework”, but “freestyle” way, on true entrepreneurship.
- Firstly, to bind knowledge from academic treaties with smart journalistic treats.

- Secondly, to find out about audacious innovators who live to meet others’ needs.

- Thirdly, to see whether they benefitted sound institutions or bypassed poor ones.

- Fourthly, to note how they have changed or are changing the lives of their peers

The “parlance”:

on (genuine) stewardship, solidarity and sustainability 

These notions are confiscated in the mainstream quasi-Orwellian statist “newspeak”, though they are genuinely part and parcel of the logic of liberty. Nowadays students need to be warned about these perilous twists of the mind. Entrepreneurship delivers more stewardship than bureaucratized management, solidarity is best served by the cooperative and coordinative division of labour, while sustainability is the offshoot of properly incentivized, private calculations. 

The platform:

“crowdsourcing” original media content +

“stock exchange” for third-party papers 

The proposed format involves two easily individualized, yet solidly interlocking routes, each with editorial specifications and technical provisions.

- Route 1 involves generating original content. “Calls for stories” are going to be distributed via established (as well as emerging) academic channels of our magazine and students’ contributions will be transparently reviewed emphasizing, inter alia, the argumentative sense and sensibility and the inspired and inspiring nature of these testimonials and their lessons. A branded rubric will be designed.

- Route II implies a library of sharable content. With customized website tools, the participating students will create, alongside the “crowd-sourced content”, a “stock exchange” of non-scholarly, yet reliable, mass-media literature, subject to the very same criteria as for own content. This library of open-access-articles previews from third-parties will be carefully moderated and attractively displayed. 

The “profit”: awareness and emulation 

As an open-access, fully-free-of-charge magazine, The Market for Ideas envisages assorted “rate-of-return” for its donors: due to the dynamic segments of the “new economy”, it can do more with less; • it is easily scalable and replicable in a variety of other like-minded campaigns; • it lays on old-school media principles, tempering hasty new-(tech-)age shortcuts; • it merges geographies / generations / professions, for liberty is a continuum; • by filling gaps, it creates awareness and emulation. 

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The Romanian-American Foundation for the Promotion of Education and Culture (RAFPEC)
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OEconomica No. 1, 2016