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Most wanted employers’ top and employees’ salary expectations in 2017

Most wanted employers’ top and employees’ salary expectations in 2017

Inspire Group unveils for the first time the results of the 2017 edition of Romania’s Favorite Employers external employer branding survey. The information obtained represents a landmark for the greatest companies’ HR departments, which evaluate the employer branding strategy’s long term objectives. In order to successfully accomplish this project, Inspire Group, with the help of MKOR Consulting, analyzed 211 companies from 20 industries. The survey was conducted on all ages and professional positions from Romania, thus providing an realistic analysis of the labor market. 

Human resources departments’ managers and recruitment agencies can use Romania’s Favorite Employers as a useful tool for situations in which the company aims to increase the employee retention rates, recruit and train a specific staff segment and solve situations caused by the lack of brand awareness, which slows down the recruitment process. 

The most represented current salary rates are placed at opposite poles: 28% of employees receive a maximum of 2.000 RON per month for a full-time job, while 22% of them have salaries of over 5.000 RON. A company which operates in construction, auto-trucks or agriculture fields will have to be more creative when it comes to recruiting programs, because these 3 areas have a very low reputation among any candidate, regardless of its professional level. At the opposite pole, most companies known as employers are active in commerce, IT and food industries. Without aiming to analyze only the rankings, Romania’s Favorite Employers survey offers a top for the most known employers and the most attractive companies from the candidates’ perspective. 

Notoriety and attractiveness as influencers 

Known employers 

Romania’s Favorite Employers ranks Vodafone Romania, Orange, EMAG, Telekom, ING, IBM Romania, Coca-Cola HBC, Avon, Kaufland and McDonald’s as the most known employers on the local market. 

Wanted employers 

Google Romania, Microsoft, IBM Romania, Oracle – IT division, Bitdefender, Adobe, Orange, Dell, ING, BMW are the companies in which more than 50% of respondents would like to build a career. 

The survey reveals the most attractive industries among the analyzed public: IT, food industry, pharma and FMCG, while agriculture and construction being situated at the opposite pole. IT is not only the most wanted industry, but also the field of activity that potential employees think offers the highest salary and extra-salary benefits, followed by the food industry (10%) and the pharmaceutical industry (9%). 

Employee retention 

The employers that wish to access Romania’s Favorite Employers survey receive relevant information concerning the factors that determine the workforce to choose a job or to leave the current 

workplace. Even though the level of income is an important criterion when it comes to choosing a job, it is only ranked on the 6th place in the wanted aspects top, after a pleasing working environment, a good relationship with the superiors, a balance between personal and professional life and the opportunities for professional development. Nearly two thirds of those who plan to change their job in the next 12 months want to make a step forward in their career, with salary being the second reason, while a number of important benefits, such as performance bonuses, courses / training programs, flexible work schedule, the 13th salary or private medical services – partially covered, can influence their decision to get hired or stay in a company. 

According to the study’s results, candidates prefer to communicate online with their future employer. In the job search process, the Internet is used by the workforce to access both job websites and the attractive companies’ presentation websites. 

About Romania’s Favorite Employers 

Romania’s Favorite Employers is a complex external market study, realized by Inspire Group, with the help of MKOR Consulting, and it provides information about Romania’s labor market, from the perspective of employees. The survey’s methodology is represented by the implementation of computer assisted web interviews (CAWI) on the databases of Inspire Group and, the MKOR Consulting and our partners’ panels (AIMS, Target România, P&P, Romarketing, Public Euroconsulting, Aleron, ABC Human Capital, Codecs, Portal HR, Professional, FOXexpert soluții resurse umane, Train2perform, Step Up, HumanGest, Psihologic HR etc.) 

In addition to the general report, we can make at the request of any company a personalized report through which will be given specific insights and recommendations on what a company can do to increase the level of notoriety and attractiveness, a priority action map and the recommended mix of communication channels for promoting the jobs and the company brand. Romania’s Favorite Employers survey brings value to the employer branding strategies and it streamlines the recruitment process. 

About Inspire Group 

Inspire Group owns the agencies that organize the following events: BuzzCamp, Business^Girls and Innovation Leaders. It is he initiator of Romania’s Favorite Employers survey, the Great|Co. and World Wide Brands’ publisher and the developer of the recruitment site. Inspire Group has 8 years’ experience on the Romanian market and organizes recruitment and employer branding events across 10 cities from Romania. The wide range of projects and the numerous customers from different industries, including hundreds of corporations and international brands, have turned Inspire Group into one of the most important Romanian players in terms of employer positioning and branding projects. 

For more information regarding the Romania’s Favorite Employer project, you can contact us here: 

Alina Anghel 

General Manager – Inspire Group


Phone no: +40 752.180.021


Ana-Maria Huiban 

PR Assistant, Inspire Group


Phone no: +40 0756.699.132



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