Ninel Ganea
Ninel Ganea
Philosopher and political scientist, former journalist, currently working for a PR and communication agency; associate researcher of the Ludwig von Mises Institute – Romania and writer at
On the “Awakening of Civic Consciousness”

On the “Awakening of Civic Consciousness”

“A few revolutionists walk from house to house and knock at each door: “everybody in the street / it is outrageous to stay in the house!” And every conscience, the gimp, the blind, the crippled went to the market; none of them remained in the house! For half a century they ravaged, wailing and fighting. At home is misery, poverty and disorder, but the master is not interested in this. He went to the market to save his people – and this is easier and much more exciting that the unpleasant work from home.” More

No. 3, Jan.-Feb. 2017 2017



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OEconomica No. 1, 2016