Olga Bodrug
Olga Bodrug
Council Member at Space Generation Advisory Council; Fulbright Scholar at Texas A&M University, the Bush School of Government and Public Service; Master’s student at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies; Delegate on Governance and Geopolitics at the Harvard College Project for Asian and International Relations
Interstellar Rights

Interstellar Rights

The exploration of space is now shifting the paradigm as recent innovations put in light incredible discoveries. The space economy is undoubtedly the most captivating industry of the future. As it develops, dependence on satellite-based services considerably increases. Everything from weather forecasting, navigation and positioning application, the synchronization of transactions, of databases and financial markets, to telecommunications, television, and disaster management depends on satellite-based capabilities. New products and market segments are rapidly being developed, such as smaller, more affordable satellites. The competition between companies (and states) grows as well, as new opportunities emerge, such as global broadband, space tourism, colonization of planets, and asteroid mining.  More

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