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The Lords of the Olympic Rings

The Lords of the Olympic Rings On the obverse and reverse of coins and medals

The idea of ​​sport is associated to peace almost in a reflex manner. At the same time, prosperity is being called into the arena of sport’s allies. But if we overcome the reflexes and become reflexive, we can take into account the counter-opinions to the standard pleadings according to which sports competitions, for example the Olympic Games, both in their original, ancient expression and in modern and contemporary forms, would be, politically, victories against war, and economically, it would mean triumphs against waste.

Tokyo 2020, the Olympics delayed and distressed by the pandemic crisis, is a good pretext for reflection (even if refractory in some senses) on the politics and economics of sport (that is on its idealistic and idyllic versions), beyond health issues that captured the recent concerns. Because of (or in spite of) their specific ingredients and tools, both the political matters and the economic considerations interfere with the so praised spirit of sport much more profoundly than the sweat in the arena or the tears on the podium.


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OEconomica No. 1, 2016