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Amfiteatru Economic, on the Market for Mainstream Scientific Journals

Amfiteatru Economic, on the Market for Mainstream Scientific Journals

The global market of science publications undergoes continuous restructuring, an aspect that is increasingly manifest in economics and its subordinate econo-disciplines as well. This market is characterised by several specific trends with a long-term impact on all publications. First, the market of econo-sciences is marked by a spectacular and irreversible thematic diversification, the author being often replaced by a multidisciplinary team that contributes to the conception and writing of a scientific paper. More

No. 2, Nov.-Dec. 2016 2016

Education Is Borderless

Education Is Borderless

A strategic approach to the education and research process implies the development of particular mechanisms for internationalization, in order for the students and teachers in our University to be connected to the style, the hallmarks of modernity and the standards of professional development similar to those of prestigious Universities. More

No. 1, Sep.-Oct. 2016 2016



The Romanian-American Foundation for the Promotion of Education and Culture (RAFPEC)
Amfiteatru Economic

OEconomica No. 1, 2016