Adrian Gheorghe
Adrian Gheorghe
Engineer, recognized authority on Systems Engineering and Critical Infrastructure Protection; formerly with the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna and ETH Zurich; currently the Batten Chair of System of Systems Engineering at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, US
Space Debris – Visualizing the Risk and Informing Stakeholders

Space Debris – Visualizing the Risk and Informing Stakeholders

Everybody in a reasonably advanced society (and many of the not so advanced ones) uses products and services that are dependent on satellites and their specific capabilities, many of which cannot be substituted for on Earth. You may use satellite communications and weather prediction services, and sometimes you may use GPS (for transport, tourism and for tagging your friends on Facebook), but you are also consuming space services through intermediaries. Your Amazon order arrived safely, cheaply and on time through a GPS dependent global distribution service. The gadget you bought was the result of a globalized production chain kept viable by global communications, global transport and global finance. Your online payments, bank transactions and stock market investments are time stamped by atomic clocks located in GPS satellites. One day, you may even receive medical services or even have a robot perform surgery on you through telemedicine. And, in a crisis and emergency situation, space services such as Earth Observation are invaluable for decision makers and responders. The list goes on and on. More



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