Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu
Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu
Lt. Gen. (ret.), Ph.D., Member of the Romanian Academy, first and only Romanian cosmonaut, former First Head of the Romanian Space Agency, former Chairman of the Technical Subcommittee on the UN Committee on the Peaceful Use of Outer Space,  former President of the Association of Space Explorers, former Ambassador to the Russian Federation, current Vice President of the EURISC Foundation
The Supreme Unity, the Unity of the Species

The Supreme Unity, the Unity of the Species

After exploring continents, seas, and then, with great sacrifice, the air, we wanted to know for sure what lies beyond the Earth’s confines. Mankind’s scientific adventure in outer space and even beyond, in the interplanetary area, is directly connected with the long-lasting question regarding the origin of life on Earth. Did the seed of life originate from our own planet, or is it coming from the galactic space? If Panspermia is indeed true, does life outside of our world hold the same Carbon building blocks and RNADNA construction? Could we be compatible? However, if our life began on Earth, birthed by our planet’s unique conditions, what would life look like in the other parts of the Universe? In lieu of concrete methods of analysis, these questions are being approached by scientists in a rather philosophical way, but they are indeed questions which will, sooner or later, require an answer, once incremental steps take us to the exploration of place where alien life may be present, even in our Solar System.  More



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