Adam Sambrook
Adam Sambrook
Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy in Bucharest since April 2014; previously Desk Officer for Hungary and Poland, Second Secretary at the British Embassy in Tel Aviv 2004-2008, leader of European Defence Team 2008-2010, Head of Climate Strategy Team 2010-2012, Head of Nuclear Deterrence and Disarmament Team
Defence and Security: The UK and Romania after Brexit

Defence and Security: The UK and Romania after Brexit

We live in a better world than our parents or grandparents did. Romania’s GDP is a remarkable five times higher that it was at the turn of this millennium. More countries, like Romania, are more open, democratic and stable than they were a couple of generations ago. We are more tolerant, with more rights for religious, ethnic and sexual minorities. We have access to technologies that were unimaginable just a few decades ago. And even if we look outside the developed world, there is good news. In 1990, 1.9 billion human beings lived in extreme poverty. That number had, despite population growth, been cut in half by 2010. In 25 years, global mortality rate for children under 5 years of age declined by more than half. Many fewer people are contracting HIV/AIDS and more are living with it. More



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