Adrian George Săhlean
Adrian George Săhlean
Philologist and psychoanalyst, Ph.D., CEO Global Arts; his meter-and-rhyme renditions of the 19th century Romanian ‘national’ poet Mihai Eminescu (UNESCO Year-2000-Poet-Of-The-Year) brought him the 'Eminescu' Gold Medal and election into the prestigious Romanian Writers Union
Shakespeare & Eminescu – Measure for Measure

Shakespeare & Eminescu – Measure for Measure

Eminescu – widely celebrated by Romanians worldwide – may well be the most unknown great national poet to the English-speaking world.Without a doubt, Shakespeare is the most universally celebrated national poet. Eminescu, widely celebrated in Romania and by Romanians the world over, may well be the most unknown great national poet to the English speaking world.While excellent and varied renditions of the Bard’s plays in Romanian abound, Eminescu translations into English are not only scarce, but, to a large extent, unconvincing. Language competency plays its part, since Romanian translators have traditionally been scholars with a thorough understanding of the English language, literature and Shakespeare. Conversely, one can hardly find a native English translator with more than a superficial understanding of ‘folkloric’ Romanian. More



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