Alexander Fotescu
Alexander Fotescu
Brussels based strategy and policy specialist focusing on statecraft and global competition
The Great Firewall of Europe

The Great Firewall of Europe

This issue is about statecraft, long-term strategy and will: Wille zur Macht.Incidentally, it is also about EU policies in trade, defence, democracy, industrial strategy, cybersecurity and digital, the Security Union, counter-terrorism and finance.Europe’s slowness and apparent inability to take strong action to protect its interests has long been decried by stakeholders on all sides. Yet, at the conclusion of Juncker’s term (last #SOTEU 12/9), we have the means to finally protect Europe and start asserting ourselves as a world power. That is, if we manage to get the political understanding and will to wield what is at our disposal. We now have the tools. This is about a cluster of policies coming together. Cybersecurity is but one piece of the puzzle. More



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