Alexandru Grumaz
Alexandru Grumaz
Lt. Gen.(ret.), graduate of the Army War College and the John F.  Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. He is a former Director of Integrated Defense planning for the MoD and Deputy Director of the Special Telecommunications Service. He was the Romanian Consul in Shanghai and currently runs the Center for Analysis and Security Studies
The Kissinger Era Consensus on China is Gone with the Wind!

The Kissinger Era Consensus on China is Gone with the Wind!

In 2016, the global situation was characterized by chaos, changes of the international order through conventional warfare and through a new type of war – the hybrid war – while, for the first time in its history, the EU block’s survival was being openly discussed. Nevertheless, what was most frightening in the EU is the fact that, with far-right, anti-EU politicians in France and the Netherlands riding high in the polls ahead of elections in 2017, there is widespread speculation that Britain’s departure may be the start of a great unraveling of the European Union. There was also the added pressure of a resurgent Russia against former soviet countries and against the EU unity. The process of quantitative change seems to have reached the critical point, proceeding into the stage of qualitative change, and the Trump phenomenon is one of them. More



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