Bilge Karabacak
Bilge Karabacak
Information security consultant, cyber security researcher and risk analyst; PhD thesis focused on quantitative cyber security maturity assessment model for critical infrastructure; widely cited academically for the development of ISRAM (Information Security Risk Analysis Method); co-founder of Netsecop, a cloud-based website security scanner, in Silicon Valley, United States
Essentials of Military Cyber Security Strategies

Essentials of Military Cyber Security Strategies

There are considerable, even astonishing, differences between the old and new versions of Department of Defense (DoD) cyber strategies. There is a four-year period between the two strategies and the new version explicitly states that the United States may take offensive actions against its persistent adversaries in cyber space. In this article, the major changes in the new strategy are shared with the reader. Secondly, cyber-attacks against the assets of the US in a four-year period have been summarized. Probably, these persistent attacks may be the primary reason for the offensive nature of the new strategy. This article also shares the essentials of a military cyber security strategy, which are in parallel with the evolution of the DoD cyber strategy.  More



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