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Education Is Borderless

Bucharest University of Economic Studies Education Is Borderless

A strategic approach to the education and research process implies the development of particular mechanisms for internationalization, in order for the students and teachers in our University to be connected to the style, the hallmarks of modernity and the standards of professional development similar to those of prestigious Universities. This type of approach means adapting the expertise acquired internationally to the teaching and research priorities of every faculty and of every department of our University.

The International standing and acknowledgment of a Research University is built and maintained with great effort. Without an institutional internationalization strategy, with clear and sustainable objectives, priorities and directions of action, we cannot be in line with the standards of teaching and research present within the highest rated Universities in the world. In the current international context and in line with the emphasis on creating a European educational market, the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (BUES – in Romanian: Academia de Studii Economice din București) developed a strategy for the development of the field of International Relations, in accordance with our history and culture.

Our university will rise in International visibility through an ongoing and consistent process of reviewing and modernizing each strategic and operational objective that defines the University’s institutional identity. Each of these objectives has the potential to become a competitive advantage to the National and International market, through innovation and flexibility.

The ascendance of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies in achievement, in International rankings and in appreciation, can only be achieved by strengthening and developing relations with the International partner Universities. The main actions in this regard for the interval 2016-2020 are:
  • to establish and continue partnerships with Universities abroad, to enhance the mobility of students and teachers from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, to exchange experience and promote joint programs of scientific research and also to take part in International scientific events;
  • to review and update all protocols of International cooperation by assessing actions taken under them and to abandon the international agreements which remained only “on paper”;
  • to establish a strategic partnership with the Moldova University of Economic Studies, by fostering the fraternal relations between the teachers from both Universities;
  • to affiliate BUES to the international university networks to provide increased international visibility for our University and International cooperation;
  • to support, strengthen and develop partnerships with Universities from countries around Romania, such as Serbia, Turkey, Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Hungary, Ukraine, Greece;
  • to promote the members of the BUES’s community to be part of official delegations of state institutions and of bodies such as: professional associations, chambers of commerce and industry etc.;
  • to secure and develop relations with personalities who hold the title of Doctor Honoris Causa;
  • to further support the participation of students and teachers to study programs and internships abroad as part of the internationalization process through Erasmus+, CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Program for University Studies), Fulbright, Tempus, ERISEE (Education Reform Initiative of South Eastern Europe);
  • to strengthen and develop strategic partnerships with prestigious Universities from Europe (especially Germany, Britain and France), the US, Russia, China, Australia and others;
  • to develop study centers based on geographical areas of common interest by supporting initiatives coming from faculties, initiating steps for setting up the Confucius Center in our University and other antennas of cultural centers from the Euro-Atlantic space, by supporting the participation in various consortia and alliances for accessing programs with European and International financing (2020 Horizon, programs of the World Bank, Human Capital Operational Programme etc.), by participating in international fairs for presenting the educational offer of our University;
  • to develop the institutional capacity of the Department of International Relations by providing financial and logistical resources, including the operationalization of the specialized speakers system on various geographical areas. The Department will support all other departments in the university for the internationalization process and will provide a better fluidity of documents flow, by creating a one-stop-shop for all travel abroad;
  • to conduct annual events on various economic topics, such as “International Week”, in which teachers and students from partner universities are invited to give a lecture and attend courses, seminars, conferences, workshops etc.;
  • to increase the number of foreign students coming to study in the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, both from the EU and from other countries (especially North Africa, Middle East and Central and Southeast Asia). To this end, there will be signed partnerships with different organizations at home and abroad to attract foreign students, aiming to increase the revenues of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies;
  • to develop the informational support for foreign students by providing access (in international circulation languages) to all information related to school and University life;
  • to support the integration of foreign students in the Bucharest University of Economic Studies through: developing tutoring programs, assisted by representatives of faculty and students; organizing biannual meetings with representatives of the Students Union from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies and organizing cultural events;
  • to constantly promote at international level the educational offer with courses in foreign languages (English, German and French), so the Bucharest University of Economic Studies attracts more students from abroad;
  • to organize International summer schools and courses involving visiting professors and students from abroad;
  • to expand the presence of the academic community members in the scientific world and International organizations in order to promote the image of our University;
  • to develop joint Ph.D. programs, with scientific coordinators from prestigious foreign Universities.


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