Carmen Elena Cîrnu
Carmen Elena Cîrnu
Ph.D., Senior Researcher II, Head of Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Department at ICI Bucharest, Vice-president of the Scientific Board at ICI Bucharest, former Guest Researcher at GSRI Japan, former Parliamentary Advisor and former Advisor to the Minister of Communication and Information Society
Cyber Diplomacy – Addressing the Gap in Strategic Cyber Policy

Cyber Diplomacy – Addressing the Gap in Strategic Cyber Policy

Although it is a new topic, cyber-diplomacy has already advanced in leaps and bounds worldwide in an attempt to define and to summarize the efforts constantly made to solve a new type of conflict, namely those taking place in cyberspace. The primary role of diplomacy is to generate common advantage through dialogue, thus the primary role of cyber diplomacy would be to generate advantage through dialogue on cyber security issues. More concrete, a simple assumption would be that cyber diplomacy uses diplomatic tools to solve the problems that emerge in cyberspace. Topics like internet governance, enforcement of law against cyber crime, response to malicious attacks arising in cyberspace, the protection of critical infrastructure, just to mention a few, are of utmost importance and require a dedicated agenda and concrete action. The last decade has seen emerging technologies impact national economic systems in virtual space. This has changed the diplomatic agenda, with cyber threats moving to the top and with many governments already acknowledging that ignoring cyber diplomacy is no longer an option for global dynamics. Both a confusion in terminology and a lack of common legislation when addressing the cyber diplomacy topic is observed, since beyond internet governance and cyber security, a range of topics, from military use of internet to economic growth, are also enclosed by cyber diplomacy.  More



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