Cătălin Ionel
Cătălin Ionel
Student, the Faculty of International Business and Economics, the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, interested in the economics of education
Make Education Relevant Again!

Make Education Relevant Again!

“The times they are a-changin’” and, along with them, the people’s needs and desires are changing as well. This is reflected in many ways throughout the economy, but perhaps the most interesting example we can ponder are the transformations that have occurred in labour markets. For instance, the place of the “pinsetter” of yesterday has been taken over by robots. Also, the fresh milk that used to be delivered upon our doorstep by the milkman is now part of history, as the supermarkets situated just around the corner have superseded him. However, these mutations in the labour market are not new. As time passes, new technologies inevitably replace some jobs while creating others. Coupling these transformations with the expansion of the division of labour, we can observe that, for most of the history of the modern period, jobs become better paid, and the general standard of living rises. At least this is what happened until now, but things seem to be changing.  More



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