Cristiana Alexandra Neagoe
Cristiana Alexandra Neagoe
Economist, graduate of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, with particular interests in fiscality and geopolitics
The Clawback Tax, Sponsor of Government Programs in Romania

The Clawback Tax, Sponsor of Government Programs in Romania

The budget allocated to healthcare in Romania suffers from “chronic subsidization”. Politicians chose, as a long-term treatment for this issue, a tax that reduces the profits of drug manufacturers to the point of non-existence. These entities risk turning from profit-making businesses into virtual nonprofit entities. Through an objective and simple analysis, I will show how, through this tax which aims to ensure the necessary subsidized medication, and as a result of the declaration of pharma companies as public utilities, patients will have to spend more money on medicine. This goes against the stated intention of the ministry and ensures that Romania will always be on the cusp of a crisis of supply in pharmaceutical products.  More



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