Dario Vărzaru
Dario Vărzaru
Graduate in International Relations; interested in geopolitics; lived and studied for five years in Venezuela
A Short History of Venezuela’s Liberators

A Short History of Venezuela’s Liberators

“The devil came here yesterday, and it smells of sulfur still. Yesterday Mr. President of the United States (George W. Bush), whom I call “The Devil”, came here and spoke as if he was the owner of the world…”This was the late President Chavez’s introductory statement at the UN congress held in 2006 in the heart of “Hell” (the UN Headquarters is in New York). During the speech, Chavez also rallied the other political leaders who were present to rise against the hegemonic aspirations of the US which he declared to be an impending danger to the survival of the human species, and all life as we know it.I believe that this statement is an instance of the charisma which Chavez wielded, along with his talent for oratory which inspired not only the Venezuelan people but also a large number of outside entities.To correctly understand the influence of Chavez upon Venezuela, we firstly have to review some pages of history. More



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