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Hyperborean Folklore – The Art of Symbols & Numbers

Hyperborean Folklore – The Art of Symbols & Numbers

The Art Gallery “Cecilia Cuțescu-Storck” at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies hosted the artistic photography exposition named “Hyperborean Folklore – The Art of Symbols & Numbers” which has the main theme of the reinterpretation of the ancestral and cultural symbolism found in the manufacturing of the national authentic Romanian dress, in a contemporary manner of fashion that brings to the present the artistic dowry that artists inherited from their Romanian origin.

The exhibition started on the 14th of November 2017, with the university opening its doors for academics, journalists and any other category of public genuinely interested in beauty.

The event is designed and developed by two Romanian artists, practicing fashion and art at an international level, having been living for over 15 years in Shanghai and Berlin, respectively. The concept created by Iraida Florea – creative director, photographer, writer and producer – was photographed by Ana Druga – photographer and art director –, Pierre Vauvillier – photographer and image editor –, and Iraida Florea herself.

This exhibition is meant for lovers of originality and culture and has the essential purpose of promoting the Romanian folklore and traditions in a simultaneously intimate and cosmic interpretation looking, above all, for the connections between deep humanity and surrounding universe, all molded in a fashion-type interpretation.

The first limited edition of the photography and poetry album “Hyperborean Folklore” was presented in this exposition and could be bought from the project artisans themselves with authentic autographs.

The photography exhibition is paired with a mix of traditional scents and a delicious tasting. The public was advised to be prepared for an exceptional vernisage full of personal experiences and the miracle of traditional and cultural convergence.

The exhibition “Hyperborean Folklore” highlighted the profound historical roots of the Romanian culture and its plentiful traditions shadowed by the ages.

Iraida used the traditional authentic aged Romanian costumes stylized with sartorial objects from her own collection, modern accessories, and she placed the whole show in different Romanian locations according to their major importance for the Romanian culture and its historical recognition, as well as in international locations to show the universal importance of those artworks to the benefit of humanity.

Ana Druga captured, in a warm but dynamic light, the expressiveness of her models Amalia Stoenescu and Anamaria Ungureanu, creating an image full of long gone feelings but with a suave influence of couture fashion and modernism.

Pierre Vauvillier eternalized the idea of the connections between Eastern Europe and the Far East, shaping in light and colors the look of the transcendental beauty of Asian origin, Yeri Han.

Iraida Florea shared the human interactions stitched in the Romanian costume and the feelings of the collector Andreia Sachelia Moga and closed this first cycle of the project with a self-portrait made in the place of worship which hosted the photography exhibition.

The project was born when the three artists returned to Romania and they met with astonishing local artists, which spurred the wish of writing with light about the art of the Romanian handicraft and its spiritual connections with the wholeness of the world.



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