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International Business and Economics, in a Romanian Interpretation

International Business and Economics, in a Romanian Interpretation The Faculty issues its Treatise

Bookfest 2018. Thursday, May 31, the ASE Publishing House launched the treatise entitled Relații Economice Internaționale. Teorii, strategii. politici, instrumente și studii de caz [International economic relations. Theories, strategies, policies, instruments and case studies] – Gheorghe Hurduzeu, Luminiţa Nicolescu (eds.) – in the presence of a numerous audience. The book, the first compendium on the topic in the Romanian economic literature, is the joint effort of scholars from two departments of the Faculty of International Business and Economics, in the Bucharest University of Economic Studies – the Department of International Business and Economics and the Department of Modern Languages and Business Communication. The volume is dedicated equally to students and to specialists, to theorists and to practitioners, though it can be useful as well to any educated individual interested in international issues due to its careful balance between the rigour of the content and the accessibility of the style. The Romanian edition of the treaty is scheduled to be followed by an annotated English version.



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