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Investiți în România! [Invest in Romania!] – A New Season at TVR International

Investiți în România! [Invest in Romania!] – A New Season at TVR International

<<Economics has the benefit of representing a “popular” science, a non-exclusivist one, being accessible to all those who are accustomed to judging with their own minds. But investments, guided by economic common sense, have a “heroic” component, accessible to those who, additionally, have courage.

As economists-journalists, we apply, as we understand that it is constantly applied to us, the very “logic of economics” – it is within us and we are part of it.

For instance, this logic portrays us – the economists-journalists – as a kind of co-producers, even if as silent partners (paradoxically, despite the vocality of the profession!), with the genuine investors/entrepreneurs. We are involved in the extended division of labour – this amazing mixture of specialization and cooperation –, in which journalism proves to be necessary and every journalist could be relevant.

Whether we are engaged in investigative or inspirational journalism, digging into the hidden causes of problems or revealing solutions existing already before our eyes, offering breaking news or bridging news sessions, investors need, from us, documented and verified perspectives. Press is, from such a perspective, a general factor of production.

I joined a year ago the exceptional team from Investiți în România! confident that I have a role in it, that this TV show has a role in the Romanian press and that the latter has a role in the community. Of informative, inspirational nature. Professionally, I’m as old as the TV show (about 20 years of mass media work) and I must confess that I would be delighted to... rejuvenate together with this journalistic undertaking.>>


Octavian-Dragomir Jora is Associate Professor, Ph.D., Habil., at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Founder Editor-in-Chief of The Market for Ideas pop-science magazine and hosts the Invest in Romania! TV show, the Romanian public television, TVR International channel.




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