Ion Petrescu
Ion Petrescu
Col. (ret.), PhD. Currently a noted journalist, he led the Directorate of Public Relations and the Press Trust of the Ministry of National Defence of Romania. He also led the Information Centers for the Press in multinational NATO exercises like "Baltic Confidence 2001" and "Strong Resolve 2002”
Our Priority Is to Present Donald Trump with a Romanian Project

Our Priority Is to Present Donald Trump with a Romanian Project

The best answer to the question of how the complex relationship between Romania and the US will evolve during the term of the new President will be given either during the highly desirable state visit of the President of Romania to Washington DC, or during President Trump's possible visit to Bucharest. In order for the state visit of the Romanian president to become a realistic point on the Presidency’s Agenda at Cotroceni Palace, the Romanian diplomacy, starting from the current Foreign Minister and ending with the Romanian Ambassador to the US, should initiate a series of contacts overseas. They would impart the understanding, first to the State Department and then to the White House, that such contacts will have a significant echo on the Eastern border of NATO, where the Russian imperial pressure is constant and the Euro-Atlantic community is on the verge of implosion. More



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