Klaus Fimmen
Klaus Fimmen
Author and researcher on economic history with the Schiller-Institut in Germany, based in Berlin
The New Silk Road: Hope in Times of Imminent Danger

The New Silk Road: Hope in Times of Imminent Danger

Dark storm clouds are gathering on the horizon. The financial crisis is back, new tensions between the USA and Russia lie ahead – with heavy implications for Europe – as result of sanctions just established by the American Congress, not the President. On the other hand, we have an inkling of a new and more just world order in the making by China’s New Silk Road Initiative, formerly known as the One Belt, One Road and commonly named the Belt and Road Initiative. If mankind is to survive, we have to bury the old paradigm of geopolitics, that brought us two World Wars and threatens us today with the deadly prospect of a final one – the thermonuclear annihilation of civilization.  More



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