Maria-Mirona Murea
Maria-Mirona Murea
Lecturer, Ph.D., the Department of International Business and Economics, the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, economist by formation and a passionate equestrian by heart
How Did Horses Become a Luxury?

How Did Horses Become a Luxury?

Horses were domesticated in ancient times and the history of our companionship rivals that of civilization itself. The bond has been celebrated throughout all forms of art. Horses have been used as tillers, as war machines, as means of transportation, as athletes or actors, but also as faithful companions. We even know of famous horse from history – Alexander the Great’s horse Bucephalus, Caligula’s horse – Incitatus – whom he had planned to name consul, El Cid’s Babieca, Napoleon’s Marengo and recently Sergeant Reckless (a small Mongolian mare, that was an actual US Marine sergeant, trained to be a pack-horse during the Korean War and awarded several honors), or Roy Rogers’ Trigger – underscoring the proverbial and proven loyalty of horses and their need for respectful handling.  More



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