Mohammad Ahmadi
Mohammad Ahmadi
Research Assistant, Space Governance Research Group at Texas A&M University; Fulbright MPSA Graduate ’20 at the Bush School of Government and Public Service; Research Affiliate in the Institute for Science, Technology and Public Policy
NASA & SpaceX Launch – A New Milestone in Space Exploration

NASA & SpaceX Launch – A New Milestone in Space Exploration

Over the years, space has proven to be one of the few topics that captivated people from all around the world to follow the same TV programming or online event at the same time. Individuals with different backgrounds, ethnicities, races, and religions were united by the same curiosity of the unknown. Even in our most difficult moments, space has succeeded in bringing us a hope light for a better future. Earlier this year, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and private American space company, SpaceX, provided the world a glimmer of hope at a time where people around the planet are suffering through the COVID-19 pandemic and are protesting systemic racism. Saturday, May 30, 2020, will forever be significant in history as a giant leap forward in cosmic exploration because it marked the first time a commercial company launched humans to space, and it was the first crewed launch from America in the last nine years. NASA and SpaceX have written history, and the 10.3 million online viewers are part of it, as it was the most-watched NASA event online ever.[1]  More



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