Nina Magpili
Nina Magpili
Ph.D. candidate, Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia, US, research interests in organizational behaviour, self-managing teams, and virtual teams
System-Of-Systems to the Rescue? Solving Unsolvable Problems

System-Of-Systems to the Rescue? Solving Unsolvable Problems

The term system-of-systems is increasingly used to describe systems operating under conditions of ambiguity, complexity, emergence, interdependence, and uncertainty. Although there is a good understanding of the kinds of systems that could be considered as systems-of-systems, a consensus on an exact definition of the term has yet to emerge --- bringing into question the nature of solutions to the problem space of system-of-systems. Terms, including large-scale systems, socio-technical systems, and cyber-physical systems are often used. Convergence in different nomenclature is: system-of-systems exhibit several specific characteristics, to various degrees. These characteristics are the subject of this article along with challenges associated with using system-of-systems as an approach to address modern worrisome issues. More



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