Petrișor-Gabriel Peiu
Petrișor-Gabriel Peiu
Former governmental advisor, Undersecretary of State (2002-2003) and Vice-president of the Romanian Agency for Foreign Investments (2003-2004); currently an independent consultant to international companies and director of the economic policies department in the Black Sea University Foundation of the Romanian Academy
How to Steal a Billion in the Wild East

How to Steal a Billion in the Wild East

The Republic of Moldova is a very small state in the East of Europe, very far from the rich core of the continent. As an economy, it is one of the smallest in Europe, being the 41st largest economy of the continent (in Purchasing Power Parity methodology) and the 144th largest economy of the world, with a GDP of about 18 billion USD. In nominal terms, the size of the GDP is somewhere over 6 billion (6.8 last year, according to its own statistics). Small is not beautiful here: as an image for its poverty, the trade deficit is over 2 billion US dollars, about 30% of the GDP, and one fifth of the public budget is made up of foreign aid. More



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