Polipapilinho Katina
Polipapilinho Katina
Postdoctoral researcher and Adjunct Assistant Professor at the National Centers for System of Systems Engineering, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia, US, expert in complex system governance, critical infrastructure protection, system pathology and systems of systems engineering
System-Of-Systems to the Rescue? Solving Unsolvable Problems

System-Of-Systems to the Rescue? Solving Unsolvable Problems

The term system-of-systems is increasingly used to describe systems operating under conditions of ambiguity, complexity, emergence, interdependence, and uncertainty. Although there is a good understanding of the kinds of systems that could be considered as systems-of-systems, a consensus on an exact definition of the term has yet to emerge --- bringing into question the nature of solutions to the problem space of system-of-systems. Terms, including large-scale systems, socio-technical systems, and cyber-physical systems are often used. Convergence in different nomenclature is: system-of-systems exhibit several specific characteristics, to various degrees. These characteristics are the subject of this article along with challenges associated with using system-of-systems as an approach to address modern worrisome issues. More



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