Sara-Maria Matara
Sara-Maria Matara
Student at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, the Faculty of International Business and Economics, the Applied Modern Languages study program; interested in education and culture, with an emphasis on literature, poetry
The Fortune at the Bottom of the Cup

The Fortune at the Bottom of the Cup

Coffee? What is coffee? A daily ritual enjoyed by billions of people worldwide. For hundreds of years, this magical beverage has forged connections between people, contributing to the exchange and distribution of information. In this era where everything has become digitized, and face-to-face socialization is increasingly rare, coffee inspires people to have discussions, write, read, stimulate their imagination, and encourages people to meet, communicate, have fun, or simply spend time together, becoming a social bond. Cafes have been and continue to be places where people unwind and feel at home, where culture, time, and social barriers merge. And coffee is the second most valuable export of developing countries and an important element of their economies. Its energizing effect has made it the most consumed beverage after water. More



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