Sebastian Bălănică
Sebastian Bălănică
Master’s Degree student in International Economy and European Affairs, Faculty of International Business and Economics, Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Interested in European foreign affairs, qualitative and quantitative data analysis and economic theory
Piketty-Saez v. Lakner-Milanovic: Visions on Income Inequality

Piketty-Saez v. Lakner-Milanovic: Visions on Income Inequality

The issue of labor in contemporary Economics and society is a very interesting one. First of all, the rapid changes such as the accelerated evolution of technology and the emergence of new economic paradigms have radically influenced the vision on labor. Secondly, with all of these changes, some positive, labor still faces many issues, some of which are very old, such as forced labor or even slavery – even now, with its contemporary forms – and some which are a direct result of modernization, such as low job matching efficiency or welfare systems. These are related to another set of problems, which go hand in hand with those of labor, namely inequality issues, especially those of an economic nature.  More



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OEconomica No. 1, 2016