Șerban Georgescu
Șerban Georgescu
Director of the Department of Asian Studies, Romanian-American University and the founder of the Romanian Japanese Studies Center “Angela Hondru”.
Reiwa – Bright New Beginning or Small Step Forward, in Kaizen Style

Reiwa – Bright New Beginning or Small Step Forward, in Kaizen Style

Spring 2019 came brought with it a new Era in Japan, Reiwa (“beautiful harmony” – the name was inspired from the ancient Japanese collection of poems “Manyoshu”). For the first time in recent history, a Japanese Emperor abdicated.The new Emperor, Naruhito, is a symbol of things that are supposed to be changed in the Japanese society in the years to come. He is a graduate of one of the most prestigious universities in the world, University of Oxford, he speaks fluent English and during his first official meeting with a foreign Head of State, President Trump, he did not use the services of the officially designated interpreter. But, despite the modern attitude, the whole world was able to enjoy the official ceremony of crowning on May 1st, which reminded us of the period when Manyoshu was written, the Heian period. More



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