Valeriu Ioan-Franc
Valeriu Ioan-Franc
Economist, Ph.D., senior researcher and Deputy General Director with the National Institute for Economic Research, former scientific secretary of the commissions engaged in 1990, 1995, 2000 strategies relative to systemic transition and EU membership of Romania
Do Not Miss the EU’s Ringing Bell!

Do Not Miss the EU’s Ringing Bell!

Romania has to comply quite quickly with the documents produced and published by the European Commission with regard to the future of the European Union. As authors, we are advancing some proposals according to which Romanian policymakers should see the reformation of the EU as a good opportunity to match the country’s future with the EU’s destiny. We are advocating for immediate steps to be taken if Romania will effectively contribute to a more united Union with Romania in it. All European partners should consider seriously the principles of solidarity and cohesion and sharing responsibilities for a stronger Europe. The disrespect these stakeholders felt during the last crisis was echoing in the lack of political discipline in many economic and social engagements regarding the EU as a whole and every member state individually. Romania has to take the opportunity to be closer to the decision-making process within the EU, thinking seriously about becoming a member of the Eurozone by joining the Banking Union and adopting the euro.  More



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