Viorela-Valentina Dima
Viorela-Valentina Dima
Philologist, Associate Professor, Ph.D., the Bucharest University of Economic Studies; professional translator and ECQA Certified Terminology Manager; her research areas include: theoretical and applied linguistics, foreign language teaching methodology, translation studies, higher education marketing
Banks as Money Labs

Banks as Money Labs

A year has passed since the publishing of Mervyn King’s book The End of Alchemy. Money, Banking and the Future of the Global Economy, by Little Brown, London. Why, then, review it today? As readers will see for themselves, the book is definitely topical, not only as money and banks and global economy are leading characters on the world stage, but also as it is written in such a manner as to allow the (un)initiated peruser to gain (further, deeper) insight into the intricacies of world economy and how it came to be what it is today. More



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