Vlad-Mihail Ghețu
Vlad-Mihail Ghețu
Passionate student about international relations, but especially about criminal and European law, having a bachelor’s degree in International Business and Economics from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies; currently a student at the Faculty of Law and also at the Management of International Business Master’s Program 
Is Neutrality the Answer?

Is Neutrality the Answer?

Ever since before the establishment of the first settlements, people engaged in wars for various reasons, at first for survival and territorial expansion and then out of economic, political, religious and ideological reasons. When talking about war, one would automatically think of its destructive repercussions in terms of the human, cultural and economic losses suffered by the belligerent states and less to their supposed gains. Thus, in the light of the negative consequences brought by armed conflicts over the course of history, it is only natural that some countries decide to avoid war, step aside and choose neutrality.  More



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