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Workshop Dedicated to Science Journalism and the Relations between Academia and the Mass Media, in an Era Full of Pressures Put on the Intellectual Climate and Informational Quality

Workshop Dedicated to Science Journalism and the Relations between Academia and the Mass Media, in an Era Full of Pressures Put on the Intellectual Climate and Informational Quality

To know>knowledge>news: How to navigate through the socio-politico-economic relations in the post-truth and fake news era” [RO: „A ști >știință >știre: cum navigăm prin realitățile socio-politico-economice în epoca post-truthși fakenews”] is the aegis under which the Advanced Research Institute of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (BUES) organised the workshop with the same name on November 8, 2023, a programme included among the activities subsumed in the “BUES excellence research development and promotion through the strengthening of the RDI processes, maintenance of the visibility of the results and impact on the economic sphere in the context of Open Science” [„Dezvoltarea și promovarea cercetării de excelență din ASE prin consolidarea proceselor de CDI, susținerea vizibilității rezultatelor și a impactului asupra mediului economic, în context Open Science”] – CNFIS-FDI-2023-F-0499. The debate started with the idea according to which the ultimate purpose of scientific research is, besides the maintenance of certain standards of excellence, that of contributing to the democratisation of the access to knowledge, while avoiding elitism and hermeticism in relation to the general public. This aspect is critical in the field of economics, which is found in the infrastructural area of general and civic education, as opposed to other areas that involve hyper-professional/specialised/technical knowledge. In addition, this approach/endeavour is made more and more difficult by the trends that relativize the truth and spreads misinformation (infodemics). In an international context, burdened by overlapping, asymmetrical and asynchronous crises (related to the management of climate change, migration, the post-pandemic society, security, resource accessibility, supply chains etc.), informed decisions, both public and private, become crucial.

Presided by Professor Margareta FLORESCU, Ph.D., head of BUES Advanced Research Institute, started/opened by Professor Răzvan Cătălin DOBREA, Ph.D., vice-rector responsible for economic and financial management and moderated by Professor Octavian-Dragomir JORA, Ph.D., Œconomica’s editor-in-chief and founder of The Market for Ideas magazine, the event brought many professionals with academic, journalistic and especially mixed exposure before a large auditorium, each of them having exciting and incisive exhibitions: Alexandru MIRONOV, senior-editor of the Știință & Tehnică / Science and Tech magazine (“Science journalism and the development of the Romanian society”); Marius TIȚA, PhD and Radio România Internațional’s editor-in-chief (“Commercial behaviour and the efficiency of manipulation through media”); Emil STANCIU, member of the Union of Professional Journalists from Romania (“The national press and the international image”); Assistant Professor Christian NĂSULEA, Ph.D., from the University of Bucharest, executive director of the European Institute of Economic Studies (“Technology and the cost of lying”); Assistant Professor Narciz BĂLĂȘOIU, Ph.D., from BUES, head of the Centre for Conflict Prevention and Early Warning (“Information war, fake news and critical thinking under the post-truth zodiac sign”); Alexandru GEORGESCU, Ph.D., from ICI Bucharest and general secretary of EuroDefence Romania (“The tryanny of experts and the crisis of authority in the post-truth world”).



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