Zoltán Koskovics
Zoltán Koskovics
Geopolitical analyst at the Budapest-based Center for Fundamental Rights; he covers US and Russian foreign and domestic policy, great power competition, conflicts, weapons of mass destruction proliferation and arms control; his essays have appeared in Newsweek, several Hungarian newspapers, and he is a regular guest on TV and Radio news shows
Trimarium – Western Fortress or Meeting Point of Cultures?

Trimarium – Western Fortress or Meeting Point of Cultures?

Buongiorno, Amici!Io sono Zoltán.Io sono un padre. Io sono Ungherese. And…, in the immortal words of Joe Biden: “You know the thing.”I would like to thank the Machiavelli Institute for inviting me to the Eternal City, and I also want to thank all of you for coming to this important conference. When you walk the streets of Rome, you breathe history. This is the beating heart, the very soul of Western civilization.Since we are here and I am to speak about the Transatlantic dimensions of the Three Seas Initiative, allow me to open with a story that may be familiar to my colleagues who work in the field of geopolitics. A question I am often asked – usually by children or young adults – goes something like this: “Is America a new Rome?” What I usually say is that Rome was a great power for centuries before it became the mistress of the Mediterranean, ruled the known world for more than four hundred years, and remained a major player for a full millennium after that. The USA is a little over two hundred years old. Yes, they are the strongest power the world has ever seen, militarily and politically, but America is no Rome. They have a ways to go. More



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