Zsolt Németh
Zsolt Németh
Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Hungarian Parliament and deputy leader of the Fidesz Parliamentary Group in the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE), Chair of the Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy and Vice-chair of the European Conservatives Group, former deputy Foreign Minister, founding member of Fidesz
Time for Diplomacy

Time for Diplomacy

On Ukraine – and on many other issues, such as how to deal with China –, the G7 members showed unprecedented unity in the consultation process organized by the Japanese Presidency in the spring. It has become clear that the Western powers do not expect Ukraine to make territorial concessions to Russia in order to achieve a ceasefire, and are even prepared to support it not to do so. And they have also made it clear that China is seen as a rival and challenge in many areas, but not an enemy like Russia. The G7 underlined that they intend to work with China both economically and in building a new world order. More



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