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MIND(s that filled) THE GAP(s) A media campaign of junior reporting on INNOVATIVE / INDUSTRIOUS / INSPIRING, free-market, barrier-breaking, world-spreading, LIBERATING ENTREPRENEURSHIP

The Market for Ideas initiated an editorial project in which “international business and economics” students, besides being consumers of quality information, become (co)producers of this “good”. The concept aims for a quadruple gap-filler, with young people, from all over the world, story-telling, in a non-“homework”, but “freestyle” manner, on the value and values of entrepreneurship.

Firstly, they are stimulated to mix knowledge from academic treaties with fine journalistic treats. Secondly, they learn how “risk-taking” and “alert” “creative-destroyers” meet their fellow’s needs. Thirdly, they note whether these people benefitted from sound institutions or bypassed poor ones. Fourthly, they observe how the entrepreneurs changed their own lives and the lives of other people.

A subtext of this text collection is to restore the meaning of stewardship, solidarity, sustainability, ideals portrayed as scarce in free markets. Though, entrepreneurs provide more stewardship than bureaucrats, solidarity is best served by the division of labour, while sustainability spurs from properly incentivized, private calculations. This is common sense. And needs to be commonplace.

The following 16 articles emerge from students at the Bucharest University od Economic Studies, the Faculty of International Business and Economics, but the campaign stays world-widely open. The editorial board will continue to collect testimonials of this kind, hoping that they will inspire both their writers and their readers (now from almost 200 countries and territories) to… enterprise


(in reversed order of publication) 

[XVI] Coco & Chanel: Creating Herself and a Whole Universe, from Croquis to Couture

by Petronela Cîrstea 

[XV] Will We 3D-Print Medicine at Home?

by Claudia Enache 

[XIV] Power Through Play: Thinking Energy Outside the Box

by Iulia Mărginean 

[XIII] The Million Dollar Pixels: How a Student’s Idea Changed the Internet for the Better

by Mihai Răzvan Nedelcu 

[XII] Making History While Snacking: Microwave Meets Marketplace

by Bianca Petre & Alexandra Firescu 

[XI] Think Fast: Interactive Filmmaking Puts Consumers in the Spotlight (Or Is It Just an Illusion?)

by Andrei-Gabriel Gheorghe, Mădălina Bianca Moldovan & Alexandra Vuțescu 

[X] Centuries of “Concrete”-Solid Discoveries of the Humankind: From Building the Roman Empire Towards Contemporary Buildings

by Ștefania Popescu & Eliza Ignat 

[IX] WaitSafe in the Pandemic: How to Fluently Reconcile Social Distancing with Personal Mobility

by TMFI 

[VIII] The “Avenger” from SpaceX and Tesla

by Maria Mincu 

[VII] BTS – The Freedom of Musical Expression Remains Unlimited

by Alexandra Dobre 

[VI] Foundation: The Very Basis in Makeup

by Andreea Cheleșu 

[V] Mr. Sam’s Walmart Empire in Uncle Sam’s American Republic

by Andreea Maria Mănescu 

[IV] Innovation in the Eye of the Beholder: Optical Breakthroughs

by Stelian-Gabriel Voicu & Georgiana Denisa Oae 

[III] ADI DASsler’s “Impossible is Nothing” and “The Miracle of Bern”

by Alexandru-Costin Udrea 

[II] Apple’s Handheld Evolution: From the Newton MessagePad to the iPhone

by Alexandra Ispas & Cosmina Stroinea 

[I] Make Education Relevant Again!

by Cătălin Ionel 



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